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Synchro Skills is a fun way to learn about synchronized skating, meet new friends and start developing the basic skills of the sport. Synchro Skills is open to all skaters ages 16 years of age and younger.

2019-20 Team

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Coaches: Loni Bertone and Tracy Sandler


Season Results

Autumn Classic: 1st Place

Winter Welcome: 1st Place

Synchro Illinois: 1st Place

2017-18 Team

Coaches: Danielle Ostrower, Sarah Noonan and Ellie Lim


Season Results

Autumn Classic:

Winter Welcome:

Synchro Illinois:

2018-19 Team

Coaches: Tracy Sandler, Ellie Lim and Lorelei Stailey


Season Results

Autumn Classic: 2nd Place

Winter Welcome: 1st Place

Synchro Illinois:

2016-17 Team

Coaches: Kristy Lohre and Laila Schlesinger


Season Results

Kick-Off Classic: 1st Place

Porter Classic: 1st Place

Foot of the Lake Classic: 1st Place

Synchro Illinois: 1st Place

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