The Teams Elite Fundraising Committee works to raise funds to help support our program as a whole and also offers options for families to raise funds directly applied to their skater's program costs. Here are a few of the programs we are currently offering:


We gratefully accept donations to support Teams Elite at any time via our Square Space donation page.


We have an exclusive Teams Elite Curly Girlz store open for anyone who wants to order pins for their skaters.  The organization does get 10-40% of the profits based off of how many are ordered.  You can order online and they will ship directly to you.

mabels labels

Mabel’s Labels makes custom laundry and dishwasher safe labels, stamps, bag tags, safety products and more for kids and adults. When you place an order through the link below, Teams Elite will receive a 20% commission at no additional cost to you. Share with your friends and family too!

You can even get labels with the Teams Elite logo on them by following these steps:

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. Enter Teams Elite into the search box.
  3. Click on Combo Labels Pack
  4. Choose Logo Label Pack

Shop With Scrip is a program that sells gift cards from a variety of retailers. When you purchase gift cards for yourself or to give as gifts (card values are dollar-for-dollar), each retailer gives you a rebate. Your rebates will be distributed via Venmo, minus your share of shipping costs for any physical gift cards if ordered.

You can shop 3 different ways with Shop with Scrip:

  1. Order Physical Gift Cards coordinated by our fundraising committee
  2. Order E-Gift Cards
  3. Order using the RaiseRight App on your phone - both online and at the store!