Junior is part of the top tier of synchronized skating where execution is expected to be intricate and flawless.  This is an extremely exciting division as it opens the door to Team USA, international travel and the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships. Junior is open to skaters ages 13-19 and younger with Novice or above Moves in the Field passed.*

2019-20 Team

Ain't No Sunshine
Sound of Silence
Coaches: Danielle Ostrower, Lauren Roman, Jamie Whyte and Josh Fischel


Season Results

Diamond Classic: 1st Place

Fall Classic: 2nd Place

Porter Classic: 4th Place

French Cup: 5th Place

Spring Cup: 2nd Place

US Synchronized Skating Championships: 2nd Place

2018-19 Team

Romeo and Juliet

Coaches: Danielle Ostrower, Lauren Roman, Rob Peal and Josh Fischel


Season Results

Diamond Classic: 1st Place

Fall Classic: 4th Place

Porter Classic: 3rd Place

Colonial Classic: 1st Place

Synchro Illinois: 1st Place

Spring Cup: 1st Place

US Synchronized Skating Championships: 3rd Place

* Coaches' Discretion

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