Preliminary is the level where team bonding and skills development are a focus as the team trains to compete at the Midwestern Regional Championship level. Preliminary is open to all skaters ages 13 and younger with Pre-Preliminary or above Moves in the Field passed.*

2021-22 Team

Coaches: Danielle Ostrower, Loni Bertone and Laila Schlesinger


2017-18 Team

Mary Poppins
Coaches: Kristy Lohre and Laila Schlesinger


Season Results

Kick-Off Classic: 1st Place

Porter Classic: 1st Place

Foot of the Lake Classic: 1st Place

Synchro Illinois: 1st Place

Midwest Sectional Championships: 1st Place

2019-20 Team

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Coaches: Danielle Ostrower, Loni Bertone and Laila Schlesinger


Season Results

Kick-Off Classic: 1st Place

Porter Classic: 2nd Place

Foor of the Lake Classic: 3rd Place

Synchro Illinois: 2nd Place

Midwest Sectional Championships: 1st Place

* Coaches' Discretion

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